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Re: [SLUG] Scsi problem

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Jeffrey Borg wrote:

> It's a Gateway server - 7210
> It's basically a dual cpu capable machine
> it's based on the 440 GX + chipset
> it only has 1 cpu in it currently a PIII 600
> It has onboard everything but the main problem is the scsi
> It is a Adaptec 7896 dual channel controller.

Unfortunately, as with all things Gateway/Dell, it's not _really_ an
Adaptec controller.

It's an Adaptec controller with Gateway's own code, and sometimes chips,
dropped on top of it. Dell do the same - what are ostensibly, for example,
ATI video cards won't work with standard ATI drivers - you have to use
Dell's specific drivers.

Basically, unless Gateway provide a Linux SCSI driver for your machine,
you're effectively stuffed.

I gave up trying to use anything Gateway/Dell for Linux with standard
inclusions long ago - I always buy external cards, and disable the onboard
stuff if I really want ity to work.

Hope you have better luck than I have!