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Re: [SLUG] To learn, to troll, to participate?

At 10:37 AM 7/27/00, Dave Fitch wrote:

Jamie Honan <jhonan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Although we stray off into a bit of Microsoft bashing, our main
> aim should be, simply, the promotion, enjoyment, use and knowledge
> of Linux.


> Life is short, let's not waste time. I'd hate to see the slug list
> continually degenerate into pointless comparisons between NT and
> Linux.

I totally agree, but even geeks need to have a little fun once in a while, and if it can be at M$'s expense, why not ??...:-)


P.S. I got an invite from M$ today to attend a bullshit-session at Fox Studios next month to hear Bill Himself speak on MSN/2 (microsoft.net, their answer to Internet/2 !!)..... I hope Anthony has some of those cool Linux T-Shirts left.....:-)