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Re: [SLUG] The Penguinilla Manifesto

At 10:05 PM 7/26/00, Tom Massey wrote:
Jeff Waugh wrote 'The Penguinilla Manifesto':

You're 3\/1L man... I love it!!! Those scowling penguin eyes must go
down in the history of 31337 disobedience to the system, much like the
expression on Rambo's face when he ties on that red headband in Rambo
III or IV. Yea, we gone in and git us that Gates creep... Pass around
the "Fsck the system" headbands and body oil, issue the 'I Love You'
floppies, prime the 'boot gui=0"'s, memorise that code that disables the
Win95 Start button, burn a couple of Linux installation CD's, and get in
there and win one for the penguin! Kicking tyres and lighting fires, Yee

Oh god, we've created a monster !!

Vallium, anyone ??