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[SLUG] The Penguinilla Manifesto

          W E   C A N   B E   P U S H E D   O N L Y   S O   F A R

Do you PINE for the nice days of 1975, when Gates was just some random dork
and Unix was the place to be? Are you without a nice project and just dying
to break the teeth of an OS you can't help but despise? Are you finding it
frustrating when everything half works on Windows? No more all-nighters
pulling individual characters out of a corrupted Word document, stringing
them together into some semblance of a financial report due tomorrow
morning? Then this post might just be for you :-)

          Join the Military Branch of the Sydney Linux User Group,

                              The Penguinillas

                or nominate a fellow SLUGger for a position.

                        WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?


            (More nominations very welcome - plus links to wacky
                            civil disobedience!)

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