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Re: [SLUG] How to annoy PINE users

At 05:45 PM 7/26/00, James Wilkinson wrote:
On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Jon Biddell generated:

>a month ago, and nothing since... Problem is they are installed so bloody
>close to the old indicator board you can't see it !!!

Been waiting for this to happen as soon as I saw the evil desktop.  If
anyone could find the IPs for these... no no, that's bad.  bite my

No, that's good, VERY good... Creative, even !!!

Also, the info terminal at UTS as you go in the main entrance, you can
Ctrl-Alt-F1 and get out of X, nothing else, but will leave many people
confused :)

Now, THAT is being a bastard... I admire that...:-)