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Re: [SLUG] How to annoy PINE users

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 03:28:31PM +1000, Grahame M. Kelly (grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Ken Yap wrote:
> > >My wife discovered this one about 12 months ago, when killing time in the 
> > >Hardly Normal computer store at Auburn - proceeded to kill the start button 
> > >on EVERY demo machine they had there....
> > >
> > >Well, that and change their screen saver passwords !!
> > >
> > >Should have seen the commotion - their "tech" guy couldn't work out how to 
> > >get the start button back, so he started to re-install from the recovery 
> > >CDs (HP and CrapPaq mostly)...
> > >
> > >At which point, we left !!...:-)
> > 
> > Perhaps we should coin a new word: Penguinterrorist? Penguinguerilla? :-)
> > 
> Even better, maybe Jeff Waugh needs to start a "How to dynamically
> demo windoze hidden features"  aka "Penguinguerialla Action" - SLUG
> page, listing all those little tid bits (as above) for us all to try
> out on those machines at TAFE, Uni, Computer Stores, Aust Post and
> the list goes on.
> Maybe a monthly SLUG award to the member excuting the most disabling
> feature in the most interesting places - err... like ATO ;-))
> umm. thinking about this maybe thats why all the problems with State
> Rail !

The easiest way to this would be to have a floppy disk with stuff,
copy this to the cdrive, make an icon "click me" pointing to "that stuff"
(aka regini, regedit, format, fdisk etc) and then watch the next person 
clicking  it ....... and the shopkeeper storming to that poor person .....

or make a set of shortcuts reaplcing the real ones on the hardisk
that point to different programs:

 * shortcut of explorer points to del *.*
 * shortcut of word points to fdisk
 * you get the hint

Knowing that any silly idea will be tried once people can read them
I already have a grin on my face....


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