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Re: [SLUG] Perl splitting help

On 24-Jul-2000 Rick Welykochy wrote:
> I guess an interesting counter question (from which you would
> learn even more) is this: Why is Visual Basic such an awful
> language and why do language gurus laugh when you say you've 
> written such and such in it? I know this is *not* applicable to
> SLUG, since the VB virus has not infected Linux - nor is it ever likely
> too - we hope and pray! ... but it is an interesting computer
> language phenomenon or abberation.

"13 ways to loathe VB..."


In the subject of VB, you may also find



BTW, this is the same Verity Stob who in Nov 1996 predicted:

2001 All flavours of UNIX finally converge; on the Linux standard.

I suspect Nostradamus would be green with envy at such predictive powers.

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