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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Sun NIC config

On Fri, Jul 21, 2000 at 05:07:22PM +1000, Des Wass wrote:
> Real quickie....
> I need to reconfigure the IP and netmask on a solaris machine.
> It's not in front of me and I need to make the changes permanent. Can anyone
> help?

The "supported" way is to run  "sys-unconfig" as root, which will unconfigure
a number of aspects of the machine and shut it down.  Next time the machine
is booted it will ask for a number of questions such as name, IP address,
netmask, Name service settings (NIS/NIS+/etc), netmask, ...

The advantage of doing this rather than just editing the hosts files is that
it should catch the extra settings you'll probably forget if you do it

Unfortunately the one thing it doesn't setup is a default route - you need
to do that manually by editing /etc/defaultrouter if you're not running 
either RIP, or router discovery protocol on your network.