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Re: [SLUG] Java IDEs

Stephen Graham wrote:
> I was wondering of anyone had experience with any of the Java integrated
> development environments.

I don't have any experience here but offer comments below.

> Also, I would appreciate any general comments people have in terms of
> working with Java GUI apps (Swing library or others).  Is Python/Tk a better
> option? My main concern is portablilty across M$, MacOS, Solaris and IRIX
> platforms, I plan to link to a C++ dynamically linked library
> (cross-compiled with GCC, or I have access to C++ compilers on all the
> mentioned platforms barring MacOS) for all the grunt number crunching.

I have just written a computer based chemistry experiment
for students in Kinetics
for this semester coming up and wrote it in Perl/CGI so it
can run on a browser. 
Reason for Perl/CGI was that I didn't want to learn Java
Now just tonight I have seen the same application at a US
Uni which runs on a 
browser and written as a Java Applet. It simulates 40
molecules reacting with some 
nice graphics. My application simulates 10,000 molecules for
around 30,000 to 50,000
iterations and runs fine on my 233MHz 32Meg RAM Linux box

You mentioned number crunching. Is Java up to it on your
clients PC's?

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