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[SLUG] XScreensaver Sonar & ping

Someone mentioned the Sonar XScreensaver and ping being setuid... So it
happens, jwz mentioned it today...

<jwz> so should I make xscreensaver install the "sonar" hack as setuid by
default, so that it can ping?
<jdub> jwz: we had a post on SLUG about that today!
<raph> uhm, if foo.h has #include "bar.h", does #include <freetype/foo.h>
look up bar.h in the freetype dir?
<rtmfd> jwz: you evil man
<rconover> jwz: I did it on my own before
<jwz> jdub: huh?
<jwz> rtmfd: huh?
<rconover> jwz: its not fun on campus
<jdub> jwz: Sydney Linux User Group... someone asked about it... whether it
was bad for security or not.
<jwz> it is not
<raph> ie, does it always implictly use the current dir of the file it's
included from?
<jwz> it's just fuckin' *ping*
<jdub> can i quote you on that? ;)

- Jeff

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