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Re: [SLUG] TCP/IP books

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, James Wilkinson wrote:

> For all of you with a phat pipe, I remember seeing an mpeg movie on
> mirror.aarnet a while back... it was a rendered movie on "how the
> internet works".  It's about 170M or so.
> I can't remember the url, but i think it was in:
> ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/movies/warrior/
> The title is "Warriors of the Internet".

I thought of that as well but could not remember its name or where I got
it from. The correct URL is


The larger one is 146M and the smaller resolution in 92M. Its all about
IP, routers, web requests and firewalls, not to detailed. Looks quite

There is a 5.4M trailer if you want to get a quick look-see. If anyone
really, really wants to see it I can burn a CD for them. I could burn it
and send it to the first person, the second person then mails it to the
next one, so on and so forth. This way each person only has to pay one
postage and we only have the cost of one CD. 

I wonder if we could use that technique for other things. Eg burn a new
release and then mail the CD around for a while. We just have a list of
who to send it onto next.