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Re: [SLUG] quibbles with automatic module loading

Peter Jason Hardy <pjha297@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I _think_ it's happening because usbmgr is labeling the module as
> autoclean-able, but I want the module to hang around until it's been
> explicitly rmmod-ed (if that makes sense :-).  I didn't see anything
> helpful in the manpages for modprobe or insmod, and the
> usbmgr docs aren't of much help either.  Does anybody here have any
> suggestions?

Try stracing the daemon.  If it's calling modprobe with -k, then that's your
problem.  If the module is actually loaded by the kernel because it is
depended by some other module, then it'll always be autocleanable and can
be removed when the modules that depend on it have been removed.
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