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[SLUG] Squid and NT Auth...

I have Squid running at a site on Linux which is connected to an NT network.

The guy there used to used MSProxy and WebTrends for analysing his proxy
logs to see which users were going where and when.

Since we have installed Squid, checking proxy logs they way he used to is
not possible anymore. Yes, WebTrends will review the squid log ok but there
is obviously no user info since linux doesn't care about a user's NT session

Now the guy desperately needs to find out what users are going where and
when and would like to use WebTrends (paid for it and all) but can't because
there is no user info from squid. Is there a way to get the NT session
information and hook it all in?

Are there alternative methods (aside from login on to linux as well.

Thanks - it would be great to get this nailed.


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