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[SLUG] ATO's keys and certificates

I got this from the tax office today.  It's all rather out-of-the-blue
and I have NO idea what they're talking about.  I presume I must have
ticked an appropriate box on my ABN application.

Presumably they're setting a up a Public Key Infrastructure, which
sounds like a very sensible thing to do.  Would allow all ATO activities
to become electronic. Was there something in the tax legislation to give
public key signatures the force of normal signatures for tax purposes?

Now the one line which worries me is this talk about an ecommerce
"application".  Is this to be cross-platform and browser-based like the
ABN application form or a Windoze piece of crap?  Judging from their use
of a non-ASCII character in their email without appropriate MIME
headers specifying what character set they're using, it doesn't bode
well for cross-platform support...

Of course, I'd hate to see the average "ozi battla" receive this email!
I at least know what a public key infrastructure is.  I'd hate to see
what my parents would do with it.

(And yes, I am monitoring what the ATO do with my email address -- hence
the simon+ato@xxxxxxxxxx.)

----- Forwarded message from Australian Taxation Office <pki@xxxxxxxxxx> -----

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:30:09 +1000
From: "Australian Taxation Office" <pki@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Your Keys and Certificates
To: "SIMON RUMBLE" <SIMON+ATO@xxxxxxxxxx>


Reference Number xxxx

Your keys and certificates provided to secure and maintain confidentiality and integrity of your use of the ATO?s internet-based e-commerce system, known as the Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI), are now available.

You will not be able to download your keys and certificates until you have received your Password and Personal Identification Code (PIC).

Your Password and PIC have been sent to you under separate cover via Australia Post. You need the Password to download your keys and certificates and the PIC to import them to the ECI application software.

Once you have received your Password and PIC, please use your browser to download them from <https://pki.ato.gov.au/0E4FAEB9864C1FB0/0000149874_20000714_B.p12> following the instructions previously sent to you.

Please refer all questions to the ATO ESD Help Desk on 1300 139 373 quoting the Reference Number above.

Michael Carmody
Commissioner of Taxation and
Registrar of the Australian Business Register

----- End forwarded message -----

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