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Re: [SLUG] Replacement for Netscape Mail

> Terry Collins wrote:
> The critical thing is it must have multi-level inbox/folders?
> I have far too much mail to have one list of mail folders.

I know the feeling - I kept thinking the same thing before I moved to mutt.
But mutt disregards the ideas of folders entirely. You just choose files to
peek in. Something to LookOut for. ;)

One of the more annoying things is having to tell mutt which folders you're
interested in... (to tell you what's new and whatnot) I use 'find' to grab
them all automatically:

mailboxes \
`find ~/mail -type f ! -regex ".*Sent$" ! -regex ".*/\..*" | tr '\n' ' '`

I'm sure Gus or Herbert can help with that one. ;) I ignore my Sent file
because there's *always* something new in it!

Strangely enough, now that I'm using mutt, I hit tab at the file browser
screen and get a big long list of all my mail files (with path), and choose
from it. In fact, I'm going to write a key binding to do that automatically.

mutt's very configurable too, so you can make it do whatever you want. For
example, Chuck is a user interface masochist, and likes his keybindings hard
to remember and difficult to use. Adrian and I choose to use sensible and
usable key bindings, and we never hear the end of "why does the down key
scroll down?!?"

Go figure.

Read also Simon Rumble's thoughts on remote mailreading. Whilst I like a GUI
mailreader, and having everything in front of me at once, there's nothing
like remembering an email you read and ssh'ing in for it.

I'm looking forward to the fallout once Evolution is released. It looks like
a bit of a hog to me, but I'm sure there'll be a few smart cookies building
email software on top of the libraries... Viva le source!

- Jeff

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