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[SLUG] St George net banking

St George have just changed their net banking application's Javascript
to resize the browser window to make it take up the whole screen.  For
NO reason whatsoever.  The applet still takes up, on my screen, about
1/4 of the screen.

St George customers, don't let them get away with this.  Use their
feedback form to send something like this:

ARGH!  Why have you suddenly put Javascript into your banking page to
resize the browser window to take up the whole screen?

This is INCREDIBLY obnoxious behaviour.  Don't you think I have my
browser window set to a certain size for a reason?  Contrary to what you
may think, banking is not the only activity I have when using my
computer -- in fact when I'm using net banking I often want to
cross-reference the information with other things.

Why the sudden change to obnoxiousness?  Not what I expect to see from a
bank that has been so good in the past.  You applet still only takes up
about 1/4 of a screen on my monitor, so why do you need to own my

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