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[SLUG] Re: Kickarse GIMP Plugins (and stuff)

On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 12:24:18PM +1000, Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> Mabye it's just that I haven't spend the amount of time I've spent on
> GIMP as I've spent on Photoshop but the GIMP interface SUCKS.  In my
> normal X working, I have sloppy focus and autoraise switched on.  The
> GIMP's many panels disappear when I do this, going behind the active
> window.

serves you right for using autoraise

(why would you want to raise windows unconditionally anyway?)

>  With Photoshop everything is accessible from the keyboard -- I
> imagine this is also the case with GIMP but the keys aren't very
> sensible.

you can rebind keys by just selecting the menu entry and (while
holding the mouse down) pressing the new keys.

combine that with tear-off menus and its pretty fast to navigate.

much of the gimp's interface tricks are not obvious. they tend to be
things like shift+click. i'd suggest flicking through one of the
online gimp books. there's an awful lot to the gimp that you don't
notice at first.

jeff: try out gimp1.1 - its a bit unstable, but there's lots of extra
plugins (Gimp.pm ;) and interface improvements.

 - Gus