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Re: [SLUG] Re: OT car stories

>I used to know a guy who lived at North Sydney and had to park
>on the street and used to leave his car unlocked so he wouldn't
>have to keep paying for new locks or windows.  He also used to
>leave a few dollars in the ash tray so the thieves wouldn't
>get too pissed off and vandalise the car.  It's a sad society
>we live in.

I worked in Rotterdam for a few months about five years ago.

I had an old Ford Escort panal van, I found it one morning
with both the quater window and the main window smashed,
and a note (in dutch of cause) apologising for smashing both
but he couldn't reach the lock from the quater window. He got a
10 quid radio, I got a huge bill to replace both windows.


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