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Re: [SLUG] Is Emacs really for newbies

Simon Bryan wrote:
> With responses like this we probably will.....
> > Guys,
> >
> > <giulio85> ac2: help! how do i get out of emacs??? its been there for 3
> > days now. should i reboot ?
> >
> >       Why can't the really sad cases (like above) stick to M$....

The sad thing for me is not that he's clueless, but that he doesn't even
try thinking for himself.

Let me demonstrate. Everyone follow these steps.

1. Type 'http://www.google.com' into your browser (without the quotes of
2. Type the phrase 'how do i get out of emacs' into the search text box
3. Press 'I'm Feeling Lucky'

Now wasn't that easy! Much better than exposing your cluelessness on
IRC, and you've learnt something in the process.