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By default they should be under


I think that the default XMMS skin is part of the application and can
not be
removed, but if you're going to download skins place them in the

If you're after some skins you can try winamp.com in their skins
just download em to that dir, open XMMS, hit ALT S and select j00r skin
.. it
will open the zip automatically and read it just fine ! (neat)

Skinz.org and customize.org are also good !

Also See: http://www.xmms.org/faq.html#s1

Regards, Matt

George Vieira wrote:

> Hi all,
> I know this is probably a stupid question but forgive me as I have had
> migrane all day and it hasn't helped my
> Where the hell does XMMS place it's skins? If there was any existing
> then I couldv't just do a "find / -name blah.skin" but there is none
and I
> can't find any directory called skins or whatever...
> any ideas... please no loud feedbacks.... it does hurt..
> thanks,
> George Vieira
> Network Administrator
> Citadel Computer Systems P/L
> http://www.citadelcomputer.com.au
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