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Re: [SLUG] mp3 software

Hey Dennis,

ripit.pl is a good front end for ripping mp3s. It relies on a few other programs to do the hard work for it. The xmcd package comes with cda, a program which can do cddb lookups. It uses cdparanoia to rip the tracks from the cd and then lame or bladeenc to encode the mp3s. I've used lame and bladeenc in the past and have found both to be pretty good.

On a related note, stereo was ripped off from my car a coupla weeks ago and i've been looking around for a new one. Various people have put together mp3 stereos and posted their success stories on the net, some of which are here; http://hardware.mp3.com/hardware/featured/car/?mc=hwlc02

Anyone on the list tried putting an mp3 player in their own car/house/boat? From the link above the best option seems to be the mp3 players that just work as a stacker, any comments?

At 02:01 PM 7/13/00 +1000, Dennis M. Gray wrote:
Can anyone recommend MP3 software for Linux. I want to be able to record
from CDs.

Alexander Else