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Re: [SLUG] name server weirdness

; On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 11:30:00AM +1000, Russell Davies wrote:
; > ; It's not a problem for an individual with the skills.  But for a
; > ; distribution this is not good enough.
; >
; > Isn't this exact (bogus) argument applied to linux as a whole? I'm sick
; > of hearing it, if you don't have those skills you shouldn't be playing
; > with MTAs.
; Oh, please.
; Do you understand every piece of software running on your machine right 
; now?

Kindly indicate where in the above I asserted that people should
understand every piece of software, or explain how my statement is
equivalent. I merely indicated that someone in a position responsible
for plugging security holes (purely mythical ones in this case),
should be capable of following straightforward instructions -- namely
retrieving and applying patches.

; I certainly don't (in particular X related things).
; Each distribution has particular "domain experts" who understand things
; and co-ordinate amongst the others packagers. For Debian, for example,
; it just so happens that those people are publically known.
; No one can understand everything. I don't think anyone even has the time.

Again, this rests on the ludicrous notion that I suggested such -- I

I wouldn't be surprised if some of my mail headers are inconsistent.
I'm in the unfortunate position of working in an organisation that uses lotus
notes, my mail path is quite complex.

mh   -> qmail -> mailhost  -> smtp
smtp -> notes -> fetchmail -> qmail -> procmail -> mh

I'll see what I can do.