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Re: [SLUG] Red Hat Slagging

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Alexander Else wrote:

> At 18:12 12/07/2000 +1000, Peter Nelson wrote:
> >I know this is very late in the conversation, but being newish to Linux and
> >Unix I would have been up sh1t street without RPM and GNORPM.
> You might have had to learn something.

{like quoting and following message trheads in the right place?}

That's a bit harsh - without RPM's and the like there'd be a LOT less
penetration of Linux around the world.

Sure, for a hardcore geek, RPM's are sneered at - but for your average Joe
Q Public user they don't _WANT_ to know the ins and outs of makign things
work - they just want them to go.

That's the whole reason people are so loath to switch from M$ software -
because you just point and shoot. Sure, it's got bugs, and sure, it
crashes a lot, but that doesn't matter, because I just put the disk in and
it goes.

When Linux gets to be that easy, it'll grab signifigant market share. And
that can only be a good thing, with no apologies at all to those who want
to keep it mystical and the inner workings hidden.

DaZZa - who doesn't believe in security by obscurity, be it job related or