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RE: [SLUG] best way to test a laserjet

> thanks for the info everyone.
> I bought it, for $200.

Not a bad buy....

> it's a 4m, with not much memory but with PCL and 
> Looks in good nick and prints well.
> It's got some weirdo card in the back with what looks 
> a PS/2 socket on it (could it be the "appletalk" 

Yes, that's Appletalk...

> no ethernet by the looks of it.
> I'll probably just connect it via the parallel port 
to my
> linux PC, when I get a parallel to centronics cable
> (unless anyone's got a cheap jetdirect card?).

Well, we're throwing heaps of crap out at the moment, 
so you never know WHAT you moight find. I'll keep you 
in mind.

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