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RE: [SLUG] Winmodems/Linmodems

To test if the modem is dialing use this init string

AT&FX0DT and then your mobile number. does your mobile ring? yes. no prob,
replace mobile with isp.
no. then you have a problem.
hopefully thats a yes.
Patrick Kelso

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Hello all

You will all be glad to know that (cause I know you care :-)) I got X
working on my machine
using X4.0.1.

The next step is the WinModem. I have downloaded the drivers for the pctel
one that is on my machine.
But when I use insmod to insert the kernel module minicom seems to find the
modem OK. But if I try to use ppp the dialer the Redhat one says that there
is no dial tone.

There are a few things I need to determine so I can work out what the
problem is

1 Somthing I can typ in to minicom such that it proves that the modem is
connecting to the phone line and dialing OK.
2 below is a section on the insmod command I have run this but I don't know
how to supply arguments or get the number back like it says.
3 Something to force the modem to dial any way without detecting dial tone.

If any one allready has this going on their machine please contact me.

for more info


Grant Street
Four J's Asia Pacific
Ph:  +61 2 8912 4170
Fax: +61 2 8912 4179
Disclaimer: http://www.4js.com.au/Std/eDisclaim.html

5. Load the driver

insmod pctel
(if you didn't compile the driver you may need to use 'insmod -f pctel')
(if this doesn't start insmod try /sbin/insmod pctel.o)

This will start the modem.
This needs to be done every time the system is rebooted.

6.  Set and report country code.

(this doesn't seem to work - but the driver works fine without it)
This driver takes a module parameter to setup the correct country code
setting for various country's telephone networks and it also can report back
country code been set..

Here are the two versions for country_code selection and reporting:


To set country code:
"country_sel_rep   sel   7" will sets the country code to 7.

To query the driver for the currently set country code:
"country_sel_rep   rep" returns the current country code as the
exit code.


To set country code:
"country_sel   7" to set the country code to 7.

To query the driver for the currently set country code:
"country_rep" return the current country code as the exit code.

country_code      country_name

 1                USA
 2                FRANCE
 3                GERMANY
 4                ITALY
 5                SWEDEN
 6                UK
 7                JAPAN
 8                AUSTRALIA

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