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Re: [SLUG] idnetd ?

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Peter McCarthy wrote:

> What is the identd deamon all about ?
> How does it work and do I really need to run it ?
> I have real the man pages and it says it uses some User ID protocol.  But if I
> run do not run it everything seems to work ok, at least so far...
> The reason why I ask is I believe it may be possible that someone is trying to
> hack my box RH 6.1 as my modem has been going crazy and a bunch of these
> in.identd deamons are running for some unknown reason.  either a hack attempt or
> something else funny is going on.

identd is the IDENTity Daemon - it's most commonly used for when you
connect to an IRC server - the server checks who you say you are against
who your server says you are.

If you don't IRC from your box, it's safe to turn it off. If you do, it's
more difficult - IRC servers which don't require identd are rare, these