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Re: [SLUG] Junkbuster Proxy

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Subba Rao wrote:

> I am using Stefan Walderr's version of Junkbuster. According to this modified
> version, I broken image should be replaced with "Internet JUNKBUSTER" image.
> Is this image also present on the standard junkbuster proxy?

The "Junkbuster" image is present only in Stefan's version.
> Another issue is that in Stafan's version, the broken image is still present.
> Does that mean that the image replacement is limited by the image dimensions?

The "Junkbuster" image will be resized to match the dimensions of the image
it is replacing. 

> Can I substitute the ad images with my customized images?

The "Junkbuster" image is generated - it is not in a seperate file. The only
way to customise the image is to hack the code.

> I have directives only for "blockfile" and "cookiefile".
> What is the directive syntax for the "images" file in "configfile"?

By "configfile" I hope you mean "junkbstr.ini" (the default master config
file name)?

The directive for imagefile is something like :

# the imagefile contains patterns to detect blocked images
imagefile       simage.ini

NOTE that to get image replacement to work you must put a pattern match in
both sblock.ini and simage.ini. For example, to do image replacement on
a domain that starts with "ad" you need to put an entry in sblock.ini
something like :


and put the same entry in simage.ini.

Semper Fi.