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[SLUG] Re: Need timezone help....

On Sun, Aug 27, 2000 at 02:24:19PM +1000, Bernhard Lüder wrote:
> I just installed a machine with the wrong time zone.
> Now when I set my time to a time server on the web it sets the time to GMT
> (I think) not EST.

two possible problems here:

1. you've told your machine the wrong timezone. so things like
date(1) show something other than "EST"

2. you've set the bios clock to the wrong timezone. when linux starts
up, it reads the bios clock and converts this to GMT, and uses GMT
internally for all time calculations (cos thats the only real way to
handle daylight saving, etc robustly). the bios clock will either be
in GMT (if you are doing things The Right Way), or local time (if you
run windows/dos as well)

hwclock(8) messes with the bios clock. if "hwclock --utc" matches your
local time, then your bios clock is set to GMT.

> How can I change this? I have tried to change the time zone with Linuxconf,
> but it does not seem to take it.

if its (1):

/etc/timezone is a symlink to the timezone data for the current time
zone. eg, mine is:
 madcow:~> ls -l /etc/localtime
 lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           36 May 11 04:07 /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Sydney

this is used by glibc, and so is standard (although the actual zone files
may be in /usr/lib/zoneinfo, if you have a non-FHS compliant distro)

your distro may have some other way of letting it (the distro) know
about what the timezone is.  different distributions store this info
in different places. eg: my debian system stores this info in
/etc/timezone, and (on debian) all this is configured by tzconfig(8).

if its (2):

again, distro specific.

on debian, /etc/default/rcS contains:
  # Set UTC to yes or no
if your bios clock is set to GMT.

on redhat, i'd guess both these things are in /etc/sysconfig somewhere
(do some grep(1)ing and intelligent guessing, it shouldn't be too hard
to find)

 - Gus