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Re: [SLUG] quick dsp problem

ah er yer sorry
let me clarify
Mandrake 7.1
full install base cd & the 1st applications cd
he is using X 4 (but could this effect even console stuff)
he says he hasent done anything w/ DrakConf that may effect anything or so
he says.
He hasent had any sound at all even during/after install

I telneted in and checked out the sym links and dsp links to /dev/dsp0

The sound volume on speakers is up and it works fine in win but cause it
cant access dsp it complains when he tries to open kmix or other mixers.

Where are sound configerations kept. (is x sound handled the same as
console sound). Im wondering if i can reset it somehow.

thanks all

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Tom Massey wrote:

> Alex Salmon wrote:
> > As far as i can tell the install of M 7.2 went pretty seamlessly
> > (luckey basted).
> Extremely lucky I'd say, since Mandrake have only released 7.1 :-) But
> just checking though - do you mean MDK 7.1, or MDK 7.02? (There's a
> reasonable difference - 7.02 is generally more stable, less beta stuff
> to play with, but then 7.1 is more likely to support cutting edge stuff,
> even if it sometimes breaks - eg Reiser FS, XFree 4.0). Both 7.02 and
> 7.1 should support a SB Live out of the box though. The original release
> of MDK 7 had a lot of bugs, if your friend is using this, that may be
> the problem. Seems like there were no unusual error messages during
> install though?
> > The sound works fine in win which suggests not harware
> > probs but who knows.
> No, I doubt it's a hardware problem.
> > what exactly is dsp is it just a direct link to the
> > sound card.
> Not entirely sure myself. A DSP is a Digital Signal Processor, it's a
> processor dedicated to high speed signal processing. At a guess, I think
> that /dev/dsp would be linked to the DSP on the SB Live. I've got
> /dev/dsp - /dev/dsp3 on my Mandrake 7.1 box with SB Live. If your friend
> doesn't have these, then I think that something went wrong during the
> install. Have a look in /dev, try 'ls -l /dev/dsp*'. /dev/dsp should be
> a sym link to /dev/dsp0, then you should see /dev/dsp0 - /dev/dsp3. If
> your friend has /dev/dsp0 etc, try doing 'ln -s /dev/dsp0 /dev/dsp'.
> This will create the sym link that may be missing for some reason, and
> thus causing complaints about the missing /dev/dsp. (Though I have no
> idea how this could happen).
> > is there any other was oss drivers
> Yes, there are, the ALSA project <http://www.alsa-project.org> supports
> SB Live. You may also like to look at <http://opensource.creative.com/>.
> But, if your friend is using Mandrake 7 or above, this should not be
> necessary, and it could actually complicate things if you try installing
> drivers that Mandrake doesn't know about.
> > or what about esd
> esd is not actually a sound card driver, you need to have your sound
> card configured properly with the right drivers so that it can talk to
> esd. I don't think you'll find any help from esd in this case.
> > how do
> > they communicate w/ the hardware.
> This is a mystery only entrusted to the truly elite. (Not me :-)
> > He is running windowmaker if that
> > changes anything.
> I don't think the window manager should matter here.
> > Is there a way to reinstall all sound stuff or do i just tell hi to back
> > up /home and reinstall.
> Tempted to say 'Yes reinstall', because I know that Mandrake should do
> this all for you, but I'm still interested in working out what's wrong.
> You may have some luck using DrakConf, try looking in 'Hardware
> configuration', which I'm guessing your friend has already played with.
> I'm unwilling to check this for you, because it usually crashes my box
> while trying to work out what to do with my ISA NIC, but there may be
> something in there. The fact that it played the test sound is
> interesting, suggests that sound may have been working before your
> friend saved whatever he had done (or something along those lines) -
> what exactly did he do in there? Interested to know: exactly what
> version of Mandrake we're talking about, whether there's any /dev/dsp*
> files at all, anything else that's in the box - network cards,
> winmodems, other sound cards, elephants etc, anything else your friend
> has done. Your friend hasn't installed the SB Live after installing
> Linux has he?, that would change things. If you really can't work out
> what's wrong, then in this circumstance I'd suggest you try a reinstall,
> taking careful note of everything that happens, and not mucking around
> with the sound card at all afterwards. Are you certain that the sound
> card didn't work after the original install, and that it wasn't just a
> matter of turning up the volume?
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