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Re: [SLUG] Paradigm Shift - Reader's Digest includes CD

Richard Hayes wrote:


> It is just an mail list of people who are less likely to be connected to
> the net.

Irrespective of opinions of AOL, the decision to include it shows that
marketing people now view mainstream Australia as worthy of sending
stuff by CD. Previously, this was limited to "computer" markets. You
only see CD's on "computer" magazines, not the general or other area

Oh, Reader's Digest is not a mailing list - it is a distribution
system.  I suspect Readers Digest is doing a better job listing the
living than the Church of the Later Days Saints is doing in listing
the dead.

> Think about the demographics
> a) old people

Probably mostly. I last saw the Reader's Digest demographics in 1987
and it wasn't all old people. If the non-profit organisation I was
researching for had been able to find the money, they would have
advertised a National Bicycle Ride in it.

But as the old foggies will tell you, their interest in genealogy is
the fourth largest use of the internet! (sex, sport,news, genealogy).
Some claim it is the second, after sex and pushes out sport and news,
but I think that applied to only email.

And, they also have discretionary income.

I suspect that there will be a lot of people interested in the
response rate.

> b) people who read (well mostly)
> I'm would not be surprised to see an AOL CD on the cover of Women Weekly
> / Womans Day / No Idea

Unlikely - down our way, a significant number of these magazines are
brought by women from the surplus of housekeeping. When times are
tight, sales plumet (Ask your newsagents). So they don't have power to
divert spending, therefore not a desireable market.

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