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Re: [SLUG] To write good perl, you should know assembly

> Jamie Honan wrote:
> In the end, the four turtles holding up the computer earth 
> are words, addresses, values and computations. The big turtle
> they are all standing on are bits, 0 and 1.

0 and 1 are the same turtle? Wow. Quantum turtles.

It's true though - it's always invaluable to understand what's going on a
couple of steps underneath what you're doing. Perl to assembly sounds like
an extreme, but consider Windows 98 and DOS. Soon enough there will be Linux
users weaned on GUI applications who have no understanding of /etc -
consider how much better off we are to understand the underbelly.

However meagre that may be. :)

(must read more about PAM, must read more about PAM...)

- Jeff

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