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Re: [SLUG] SLUG Clubhouse?

Couple of random thoughts on this - 

What about some sort of deal with the Powerhouse museum or similar - go
in, set up a network, maybe a web cam, Linux controlled Lego Tux's
wandering around, let people play with Linux. Or just get a bunch of
power users, sit them down at terminals in a big glass box, and let
people gape in astonishment - 'Wow - they don't have Windows, but
they're doing productive work?!'. In line with the Powerhouse's past
'History of Computing' exhibits, call it 'Future of Computing'. Basic
point being a demonstration of Linux in a public place. Only a short
term project, but it could be useful.

I think that probably the best idea for a long term place (provided
there's no funds to rent somewhere) is the combined lab/Slug room idea a
couple of people mentioned.

What about we get a bunch of tools and stuff, and go out and build 'The
Big Penguin', a tourist attraction in the tradition of the Banana and
the Pineapple etc, but shaped like Tux and with a computer lab in the
base. Even better, build it on a ferry and cruise the harbour.

Oh, and I think the clubhouse should have curtains with a tasteful
floral pattern.