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RE: [SLUG] hrmm.. go Telstra

John posits the meaning of life:

>This is where you have to ask if you are putting your own views ahead of
>user requirements.  If a user (not an admin) sees Exchange and likes it
>then trying to tell them that they are wrong because you know better
>than they do is pure intellectual arrogance.  Users ask for things.  
>Programmers and admins should cater to their needs - after all that is
>what we are here for.

Slaps forehead. Ah, so that's what I'm meant to be doing!

And where does sorting out contradictory desires, needs and wants
come in?

And what about desires within expectations? Building exactly what
was wanted that costs the earth, or is unreliable or ....

My daughter's definition of shopping:
"I see, I want, I need, I have".

Arrogance is an bountiful attitude that can be shared by
users, salesmen, customers and engineers.

There are Bastard Operators From Hell, and Bastard Users From