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Re: [SLUG] SLUG Clubhouse?

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Ken Yap wrote:
> >
> > Is the dangerous path the sponsorship or the clubhouse? :-)
> I must admit, I saw the first episode of The Brady Bunch yesterday. Proof
> positive that a clubhouse is a dangerous idea - would we have curtains or
> keep out signs? 10mbps or 100mbps? ADSL or Cable? Would we let BSD users in?
> A can of worms... ;)

Of course we are going to have curtains!
And we are going to paint the place. 

I have a pile of paint here slowly going off that can be used and a
choice of curtains (bamboo, brown, multicoloured - but no pailsley).

And, if you are serious about recycling, yep, can even supply you with
a worm farm or two {:-).

Of course you will only be getting dialup as this is what the majority
of people in Sydney have. {:-).

Okay, SLUG has accumulated some funds. There is the conference
(ALU2001/CALU2001?) to be gotten over with first, then, they could be
used to pay for expenses on a room, but SLUG doesn't want to be paying
rent. (Co-operation with CB might be a better wrinkle).

The other critical point about premises is that it must be centrally
located so anyone can catch a train and a 5 min walk brings them
there. Otherwise it will only be used by a few people occassionally.

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