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Bah Humbug [Was Re: [SLUG] Linux Certification]

I wasn't too sure about sending this but here's my 2c worth anyway:

1. - Choosing interesting work is more important than the dollars you

2. - You can earn 6 figure salaries with no more formal training than
the HSC.

3. - 2 usually follows because of 1.

4. - You can get the most interesting jobs with no more formal training
than the HSC.

4. - Currently it's a sellers market, you're selling. 

5. - 42

6. - More money doesn't equal job/life satisfaction (or is that just
repeating 1?)

Like Umar said, cert's only help you with your first job. Even then,
they aren't *really* any help. You'll get more entry level jobs with
pure enthusiasm, displaying a willingness to learn and adapt to new

Self education shows drive, dedication and other buzz words that Dilbert
style managers (80%+) are easily impressed with. They think they can get
an equally skilled person for a few bob less, so they choose you. Work
there a while, get the experience and move on to more money elsewhere,
if that's what your after.

Again experience > certification. Don't get certified on Linux or
anything. Play with it till you break it then fix it. The tougher you do
it, the more you'll learn.

You work towards your dream job. Only freaks get it first up.


Umar Goldeli wrote:
> Please excuse me, I think I just threw up...
> I can't believe people actually waste precious oxygen doing an MCSE.
> Although, a handy hint for anyone thinking about wasting money on certs:
> it will get you into your *first* job. After that, nobody really cares
> about your certs - only that your resume is 23 pages long and says that
> you have been in the industry for 823 years and that you know 43
> languages, and you have worked for multinational companies A through to Z.
> In fact, after a while they don't even care about what skills you have,
> but which places you've worked, how much you were last paid, how much you
> want now and roughly what you last did. This is after you build up some
> rapport with the pimps that look after your niche of the market
> (security? net design? coding? coffee making?)
> (so it is in the lucrative Meat Market(tm) anyway)
> //umar.