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Re: [SLUG] Linux Certification

Jon Biddell wrote:


I'm not having a go at Jon or defending MS, but

> When all that was needed was to change the BOOTGUI=0 to BOOTGUI=1 in
> the (scratches head) boot.ini file (file might be wrong).
> Again, claimed that they didn't teach anything like this.

Can someone tell me when this problem would really occur in real life?

> These are the sorts of things that Cisco will do to you when doing a
> CCNA/CCIE course - goodies like sticking a pin through yout CAT5 cable
> to create a short, then trimming off the ends so you have to FEEL for
> it.

Really?, I'd say CISCO Certification is sus. If the cables is sus,
apply side cutters and get a new one.

I've been "blessed" by working with a whole pile of techo's over the
years who can do all these wonderful things, but when it came down to
business, they were totally useless. I even sat through an interview
last Monday where the technically very good IT Manager was going to
get it in the neck (unbeknown to him) because he wasn't responding to
business problems.

Responding to business problems matters more with smaller companies ,
but the larger companies have more niches for the techo's to retreat

If you are looking for work, then in general, then certification (any
certification) will get you looked at ahead of a person without
certification. The number of "managers" that are intelligent and can
assess staff on experience are few and far between. So you are better
off going for it, if you can.  So you can look at  personal
satisfaction and increased income as two justifications.

And, if you are contracting, "certification" is almost essential with
most pimps^h^h^h^h^hagencies. 

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