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Re: [SLUG] Re: Linux Certification

> > i see this as being a good way to test the employer. if they insist on
> > a redhat (or some other) certification, and ignore whatever other work
> > you have done, they probably aren't a good place to work.
> i guess i was thinking that certification would give me some confidence
> going into an interview (ie. that bit of paper works for me as well as
> the employer)... but that just comes down to me not using my skills in the
> real world enough, something that would make me more knowledgable and all
> also provide references to back up my skills...
> > ditto goes for demanding CV's in word .doc, etc, etc
> do you think they would actually not take your CV it was .txt ??

Definately not!

Having just been in the position of advertising for a position (which 
was for a Linux job), I was amazed that out of the 13 replies, 11 sent
word files, 1 sent a text file and 1 just sent a link to their web page
which contained their CV.

The people sending .doc files were definately at a disadvantage, however
the format of their CV was not the determining factor in choosing who 
got the job.