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Re: [SLUG] Re: Linux Certification

Stuart Cooper wrote:

> If companies ever send you word documents, hunt around them with
> 'strings' or a binary editor like weekend-Coke and you can often find
> other information hidden in the structure, which I believe is a
> consequence of them using the 'quick save' function which sort of
> saves the undo stuff as well?? again, excuse the M$ ignorance. If you
> do find something, ring the company back and tease them with this
> secret knowledge. Tell them that there's a leak in their company,
> which is true enough.

I always 'strings' any Werd dox sent to me, before bothering
to fire up StarOffice. Usually, there's no real formatting that
warrants the latter.

And, oh yeah, the goodies one finds hidden inside *.DOC files!
One I read contained a complete copy of confidential letter to
another recipient. Must have been part of the undo buffer, when
the write re-used the same file for the letter sent to me. 
When I told the offending party about it, panic mode! "Let's dump
Word!" was the response. If only more people knew about this little
privacy hole :^)

Rick Welykochy || Praxis Services Pty Limited