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Re: [SLUG] Copyright Amendment

On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 09:53:10AM +1000, Roland Turner wrote:
> John Wiltshire wrote:
> > Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the Copyright Amendment
> > Act currently back in the Senate has some relevance on the DeCSS /
> > LiViD work inside Australia.  I've not yet figured out whether it
> > expressly permits Open Sorce DVDs on Linux or denys it.  Does anyone
> > else have any idea?
> > 
> > http://search.aph.gov.au/search/ParlInfo.ASP?Folder=BILLS&Criteria=bill_id:r910;seq_num:0;&action=bookmark
> APH's search engine is a crock (it has sessions intrinsic to its URLs).
> Can you tell us what search string you used to get to it?

useful links are up at:


It appears to be quite like [my impression, via slashdot, of] the DMCA
 -- not that that answers John's question. For example:

Objective (a)(ii) is to "ensure the efficient operation of relevant
industries in the online environment by ... providing a practical
enforcement regime for copyright owners"; but Objective (c) is to
"provide reasonable access and certainty for end users of copyrighted
material online". _Without_ the 'online' bit, it would seem that
choosing to use free software for the viewing of DVDs would be

The definitions of "circumvention device" and "technological
protection measure" are interesting. Weak "scrambling" would be covered
by law as such a protection measure (I take it it isn't now), and "any
device (including a computer program)" having limited or no use "other
than circumvention, or facilitating the circumvention, of" it would be
illegal -- which sounds very much like what we hear of the DMCA.

But, does DeCSS implement the "technological protection measure" for
DVDs? Surely all it does is ensure that a DVD has the required
copyright protection codes on it, and allow playback if it does.

OpenDVD: http://www.opendvd.org/

LiViD: http://www.linuxvideo.org/
  -- including OMS, an Linux DVD player (for hw decoder cards)

cf: there is a link to the DMCA on the OpenDVD site. Does anyone
know the corresponding definitions in it?