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Re: [SLUG] Linux Certification

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Alex wrote:

> I would really like to hear about SLUG attendee's experience with Linux 
> certfication programs, such as LPI, RHCE, the GNU one...
> I'm not really concerned about the recognition of a certificate, as long as 
> by doing the course(s), skills can be acquired to administer and 
> troubleshoot a Un*x driven site.
> What I am concerned about is that if by doing a RedHat endorsed course, I 
> would be exposed to RedHat tools that wouldn't apply to Un*x in general, 
> such as the rpm system and GUI-based configuration tools.
> Any experiences with these programs would really be appreciated.

<from the Andypoo's Philosophy archive>

That's my main fear about certification.  Lots of people being taught to
use a GUI which is very non-standard, or even just taught the basics of
using a computer/OS rather than mastering it.  They shouldn't be taught
how to do things, but more how to find things and work them out for
themselves, the basic structure of Linux, how it's designed, how it works.

It would be like all these Microsoft MSCE people.  How many of them know
anything about Windows' application design?  Or even just the registry
structure?  (Is there a registry structure? :P)  But seriously, even
though one could argue, "But why would they need to know that?", I don't
think you deserve a certificate of creditation for anything less than
that.  You should be expected to know at least a bit of everything.



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