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Re: [SLUG] multi-link PPP

"Marshall, Joshua" wrote:

> Will the connection actually run at 66k with two 33k modem links? What
> sort of reliability might I expect, for example, what happens if one link
> dies - does it revert to 33k until the other link re-establishes?

Yes, but:

- You'll have (much) higher latency using modems than using ISDN (170ms
vs. <20ms).

- Multi-link PPP will degrade correctly as individual links drop out.
Given that you are talking about using linux-2.2 (i.e. EQL) though, I
really don't know.

- Have you actually costed an ISDN solution? You may find that, unless
you use particularly cheap modems (which really will perform badly), the
ISDN solution may not be as expensive as you are expecting.

- Raz