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Re: [SLUG] Sendmail Help

Don't do it!!!
Have you looked at exim? http://www.exim.org/ - every bit as powerful as
sendmail, less buggy, and no fricking macros - set up is plain
text, a lá:
# Send all mail to a smarthost

  driver = domainlist
  transport = remote_smtp
  route_list = "* my.mail.server bydns_a"

debian comes with exim as standard, but source and i believe
rpms are available from the aforementioned uri.


At some point around Fri, Aug 18, 2000 at 07:51:10AM -0700, Jeremy Kerwin spaketh thusly:
> Greetings all
> I would like some help in installing and configuring Sendmail.
> From all the documentation that I have encountered it is very disorganised.
> Would anyone have, or know where there is a HOWTO document (or any document
> really) that can tell me step by step what I need to do to install
> sendmail...
> Some of you will say that "Sendmail is installed when your install Linux". 
> Yes that is true, but I removed it to implement qmail, now, I'm going back to
> Sendmail and it's a bit more difficult than what I anticipated.
> Thanks heaps for your help...
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