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Re: [SLUG] Calling all UNIX & HP Openview Specialists!!

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000 deenah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Are you an HP OpenView and UNIX Specialist?? If so, read on - this is the
> permanent role of a lifetime with a successful global organisation!! $$$$
> NEG!! Sydney based.

Was there a reason you posted this in a LINUX USERS GROUP mailing list?

Or are you like all recruiters, and think that all Unix is the same, and
if you know one, you know them all?

> This is your opportunity to be involved in the development of Computer
> Systems and large scale LAN Design for the planning and engineering of
> Internet, IP Products and services solutions.
> This is a key engineering role in the design and development of Internet
> facing systems, using leading edge technology.
> The primary focus will be to plan, design and build computer systems as the
> platforms to support IP products, implement secure technology to support
> Internet services and facilities and assess new products and services in the
> software and systems platform area.

I can't see anything in that which would need an Openview "specialist". If
you're going to spam us with advertisements, at least make them bloody
accurate ones.

The one good thing that came from your spam was that I now know a
recruiting firm to AVOID in my future dealings with the IT market.