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Re: [SLUG] debian 2.2 (potato) released

Roland Turner wrote:
> Heracles wrote:
> > I tried Debian once (version 1.0 I think - it was on my Slackware CD back in
> > about 93 or 4) and it was a pain to install. I have found SuSE much better.  I
> > admit that Debian MAY have improved a little over the last few years, but why
> > wear a Debian shirt if you can't even get it to install????
> I don't recall SuSE existing that far back. If you are comparing a
> current release of SuSE with the original 1.0 release of Debian, then
> you are not exactly making a meaningful comparison.

It did, it was in german and I won a CD at SLUG one night.

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