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Re: [SLUG] debian 2.2 (potato) released

Heracles wrote:

> I tried Debian once (version 1.0 I think - it was on my Slackware CD back in
> about 93 or 4) and it was a pain to install. I have found SuSE much better.  I
> admit that Debian MAY have improved a little over the last few years, but why
> wear a Debian shirt if you can't even get it to install????

I don't recall SuSE existing that far back. If you are comparing a
current release of SuSE with the original 1.0 release of Debian, then
you are not exactly making a meaningful comparison.

Given the amount of time that you are talking about, I think it is fair
to say, in Debian's particular case, that it has changed almost beyond
recognition. Addressing your particular concern: installation is far
easier than it was even in 1996 when I started using it. On-going
package installation and upgrades are, as you have perhaps been hearing
through this list if nowhere else, unmatched.

If you are planning to attend the InstallFest, you may find it
interesting to watch a Debian installation or two. Perhaps you will be
impressed, or at least pleasantly surprised.

- Raz