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RE: [SLUG] ICQ & irc through ipchains

I have heard of people use windows ICQ (Groupware version) under linux using
Wine but never been able to get a copy of that version for myself.
Apparently they got it going OK but occasionly had cosmetic problems whicha
minimize/restore fixed it..

This would be the great if it did work.. I patched around for hours to get
the normal ICQ 99a/99b to work and got as far as trying to get the sockets
working but failed..

George Vieira
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Citadel Computer Systems P/L
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> > what client are you guys using ??
> For legacy ICQ contacts, Jeff chooses to fly with gnomeicu (CVS), or when
> feeling ambitous, Gabber (although either Gabber or Jabber don't support
> being invisible, which is a pain).
> For IRC, I'm a "GUI lamer" and use xchat.

i found a curses based client called centericq, but i haven't really put
it thru its paces...


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