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Re: [SLUG] Debian & .h files / Kernel building

> If you tell LInus this, he will hate you forever.
> As far as he is concerned *any* distribution which make kernel source
> available under /usr/src/linux is broken (read the release note for 2.4).
> I'm not familiar with previous versions of Debian but 2.2 (out in a day
> or so I hope) puts them in /usr/src/kernel-source-<version>
> /usr/include/linux should always be provided by your C Library as changes
> to structures, or more usually, differences in structures as common.
> Seperating out the includes for the C library and the kernel source means
> that each can change without affecting the other. Thus stopping the 
> (I hope) problem that different C libraries break with different kernels.
> Different C Libraries may still break applications -- but likely that
> application was doing something bad in the first place.

Sounds pretty much like what I read in the readme for kernel-headers. What I
failed to pick up was what/when and how you should use them.