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Re: [SLUG] Problem finding in Ghostscript

Erich Schulz wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> Try setting the resolution on the command line eg -r120x120. If the postscript
> is a bit mapped graphics, it might be the cause

Nope, not it. Tried it blank (no setting) and -r600x600. It is just
cropping the top left hand quarter of page out of the picture.


Bingo - you are actually onto something. I think ghostscript is broke
though. Spec -r150 or -r300 and  there is no stretching, only shifted
it in the vertical dimension. I'll think I'll work on the fact that it
is broke an re-install.

Thanks all.

What is really annoying was I had all this somewhere and I think I've
accidentally deleted it as the folder for the sender is gone. 

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