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[SLUG] Help !!!!!

Hi Guys,
I am trying to install redhat linux 6.1 on a p200mmx machine with 64 Mb edo RAM, 4.3 gig HDD (C) &  2.1gig HDD (D) in dos parlance, trident 9750 4Mb video card. I am installing it to the 2.1 gig HDD and trying to install lilo to the MBR on C.
The installation goes great until it gets to the end of the process when linux says "performing post install configuration" and the system just hangs there and does nothing.
I have tried to reinstall the OS a number of times but always it gets as far as the above process and hangs on me....... Grrrrrrr.....
I really want this OS bad and I want to learn it REAL BAD.
Can you offer me any help as to how I can get it to install correctly. I cant go to red hat for help because I am installing it from an APC mag pocketbook  and they have said in their documentation that I can't get any help from Red hat or from APC so you guys are my last resort.
The funny thing is that I had this OS successfully installed a few months ago but had to reformat because I sold one of my HDD's and had to wait until I could get a new one.
I have checked the HDD using a prog called spinrite and it reports all is well with the HDD and I am running win98 quite happily (yuk).
If you need any more info please email me and I will provide all I can.