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Re: [SLUG] Telstra ADSl - The Verdict

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 01:00:32PM +1000, Patrick Kelso wrote:
> OK,
>     I've had adsl for 24hrs now, and have the verdict of the service for you all. Its crap. I have tried downloads from Australia, which while faster than dialup are pathetic compared to optus cable (but at least I can do more than 500mb per day). International, there is almost no difference from 56k dialup. http is painfully slow, my mail still takes forever and ftp is marginal at around 7-12kps on average. Hopefully when all traffic is no longer routed through melbourne it might pick up.

	I've been connected for the last 2 months and I'd have to say your assertions are crap :)

	Just did some quick tests.

mirror.aarnet.edu.au - And don't forget this traffic is coming from queensland from optus through telstra via melbourne and then to my adsl link. Downloading an ISO image.

Using lftp with 1 connection - 50kBytes/s
Using lftp with 10 connections - 150kBytes/s

ftp.freesoftware.com in US - where cdrom.com moved there free stuff.

Using lftp with 1 connection - 28kBytes/s
Using lftp with 10 connections - 140kBytes/s

And these numbers where going up I just couldn't be bothered waiting around for final values. The numbers above are the value after about 30 secs.

Now I've got a 1.5M connection. So the theoretical maximum if we ignore overhead is 192kBytes/s .

I'd say they're pretty impressive figures and there's a fair amount of overhead here too, ATM->Ethernet->PPP->IP->TCP.

	Ok that's only two sites but there 2 well connected sights so I think you could safely say the problems your experiencing aren't ADSL related. Just normal network congestion somewhere else along the line.